Frequently Asked Questions


Do you work on WordPress websites?

Yes! We have an abundance of experience using WordPress, and we would be happy to work with your current theme. We offer a free consultation to discuss what areas need improvement and how solutions can be implemented.


Do you build websites for shops?

Yes! We would be happy to build a website for your shop. Some examples of those we have created in the past are:


Do you provide packages for social media and printed media to match my website?

Absolutely! We can provide:

  • Facebook and Instagram business page graphics
  • newsletter template with your logo
  • business card layouts and logo design
  • signs, flyers, brochures
  • book cover designs
  • letterheads, posters, and banners

How can I edit my own site?

We build websites accessible to owners and staff so that you can make ongoing updates or changes. We install a simple content editor specific for business owners to have that control.


How can you make my website load quicker?

We implement three strategies for improving loading speed. First, we optimize all of the site’s graphics. Next, we provide code enhancements. Finally, we install a caching plugin.


What makes Accent45 better than your competitors?

Easy, we care about your business! We understand the importance of good impressions and SEO. Lots of website builders use the same theme with minimal tweaks, but each of our websites is custom-designed and completely unique.