Project Timeline

1) Listen to your needs

We will talk over the phone, email, or meet in person to determine the needs of your business.
This will include asking:
What are your main goals for your online presence?
What’s not working with your current site?
Can you provide any examples of websites you like?

2) Estimate Project Timeline

After our meeting, we will create a website proposal that will outline details about your target audience, timeline, and a cost breakdown of each feature you are interested in.

3) Design Begins

We start designing the homepage with all of the information we’ve gathered from you and your business. What do you want your visitor’s first impressions to be?

We will upload your logo, along with a color scheme that has been chosen by you or us. This will also include call-to-action items, including:

    • how you prefer to work with new customers
    • a fillable inquiry form
    • your phone number as a primary contact method

4) Development

We will install WordPress and other necessary databases. All images are saved in a format best suited for online viewing and are available quickly. The site structure is then organized, and pages are set up. The main menu, navigation, sidebar, links, and footer buttons are placed in a user-friendly hierarchy.

5) Add Content

Do you have a written copy of all of your pages? About, Contact, and Services are some of the standard pages we include. This is the time for you to think about what photos you would like to include. If you don’t have time to take photos, you can hire us, or we can purchase high quality photos through a stock photography source.

6) Review & Modifications

This is where you review all the content, links, and graphics. Is there anything missing? Would your site be better with that extra feature? Need a subscription form to collect leads? A Facebook or Twitter feed? Affiliates page? We’ll add them!

7) Finalizing

We will all go through the development site to check all links and triple-check grammar and spelling. We may meet again to go over how the site should function and any final alterations.

8) Site Launch

WordPress Walk-through · Post-launch

Each page of the new site will be tested before and after the launch. Once everything is approved, the new site goes live. If this is a redesign and you have current pages in good standing with Google, a process of creating old page links to new pages will be done so you won’t lose rankings.

If you are new to WordPress, a 1-hour walk-through session is included in the proposal that will take you through all of the aspects and maintenance of your new website.

A minimal amount of change is included after the site is launched.

9) Google Site Verification

Once the site has launched, we submit your website for Google verification. We add Google Analytics for tracking statistics and set up other technical details to ensure your site is found through search engines.