You might have noticed the slow transition over the years from detailed, realistic looking logos to clean and flat designs.

All kinds of brands made this switch, but why? As with clothing, trends in design change all of the time. At one point, good design meant lots of details and trying to emulate real life. This is called skeuomorphism, making designs look three dimensional and realistic. It helped people learn about technology and computers when they were becoming available to the public. It created a relationship between objects on the screen and in real life. But as time went on, people learned and styles changed. Details like highlights, shadows, gradients, stuffed fonts, and textures became tacky and overused.

Design became more minimalist and clean. You can see this most in logo design.

Instead of being literal and detailed, logos were simplified. There was more meaning attached to the symbols used for representing brands, companies and ideas. Flat design is two dimensional and using few colors. It reduces the complexity in design and makes a brand more timeless.

They are more easily recognizable, memorable and effective. Although it is the newest style, flat logo design isn’t just a trend that will pass, it is a new set of principles for the design world. To make sure your brand is operating at its highest potential, take a look at your logo. It should be simple and memorable to make sure your business is represented well. Is it complex, hard to read, or busy? Ask us if your logo is the best it can be.