“We really loved the look and feel of our previous website, but with all the changes coming out in SEO, we had no choice but to completely re-engineer our site. So acting on some strong recommendations that we had received; we hired Michelle Andreas and Accent45 Web Design. Right from the start, Michelle worked with us in person at our offices and took extra time to get to know the Lustick Law Firm staff and see how we all work together as a legal team.  Then after getting to know our company, Michelle designed a new and fresh looking website with a very beautiful design and incredibly functionality, and the site is an awesome representation of what the firm stands for.  Now thanks to Michelle, we love our new website even more than our firmer site, and in this process, Michelle readily proved that she is both an artist and an engineer. We are extremely grateful for her work.”

Bellingham, WA · Full Website Design / Development