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25 years of experience & over 100 websites created.

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We build clean, user-friendly websites with simple editing tools for those who want to update their site.

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Service Oriented

Great communication plays a big part of our excellent customer service.


Creating websites that look great and load quickly on all size screens.

Problem Solving

What’s working & what isn’t? Reviving compromised or abandoned websites.

Skills & Experience

25 years experience ~ 100+ websites designed, maintained & migrated.

Timely Response

You can expect a reply from us within 24-48 hours, with the exception of holidays.


  • WORDPRESS 100% 100%
  • COLOR SPECIALIST 100% 100%
  • RESOLVING ISSUES 100% 100%
  • PHOTOGRAPHY 100% 100%

Service Oriented

Great communication plays a big part in providing excellent customer service and ensuring that projects run smoothly. By working with a smaller web firm, you can expect less run-around when working with one person through each phase of the project. We take on fewer projects so we can spend quality time with your business.

By request, clients are provided with a special project area where you can keep up to date with the latest developments in your project. Read more about our project timeline.

We are available from start to finish and long after your project has been completed. You can expect a reply from us within 24-48 hours of your inquiry. Accent45 has been in business since 2001, and we still keep in touch with some of our very first clients!

Problem Solving

What’s working & what isn’t

We listen to your needs, goals, and key audience. Problem-solving is our skill; if something isn’t working, we will find the best possible solution. We always consider the strengths of your product and conduct research on competing businesses.

Timely Response

You can expect a reply from us within 24-48 hours of your inquiry, with the exception of holidays. If the task is simple, we can attend to the modification within 1-2 days. Should this not be enough time, we will let you know our turn-around schedule.

Accent45 Web Design maintains several websites on a monthly basis, and some requests are sporadic. We have worked with a wide variety of industries, making each project unique.

More Traffic

“The website is getting more and more traffic each day and people are filling out the “get a quote” and “info request”.


Owning a website that is well formatted for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, is critical. Currently, 42% of internet users are viewing websites on a mobile device, and we want your website to be one of those.

  1. Quick loading time – bloated sites cost more money to access
  2. Easy to read – mobile screens are 1/5th the size of desktop computers
  3. Comprehensive navigation – menus have limited space on mobiles
  4. Minimal usage of animations

We take the time to use images that load quickly but still retain their great quality.

Skills & Experience

25 years experience ~ 100+ websites designed, maintained and migrated. My background consists of:

  • graphic design / print / logo creations
  • accounting
  • photography
  • 5 years of marketing

Our main web designer is a unique hybrid—part artist,  part mathematical organizer. It takes implementation, imagination, and creativity to develop an attractive website based on your business and your preferences. Information architecture is fun for us! We love taking your content and organizing it so that users find what they need easily.

Project Costs

Website project costs

The cost of your website’s project is determined in two ways. For a site redesign, there will be a single estimate for a full list of services, including design and development. For post-launch website edits or added features, you are charged an hourly rate.

Communication during a project is generally on a daily basis. For a website update request, you can expect a reply within 4 hours of when the item can be completed.


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