Physical Therapy

Website Case Study

Client: Made to Move Us

Date: Client since 2009

Info: Physical Therapy · Bellingham, WA

Features contributed

  • Success stories ~ stories of Dr. Morgan’s patients
  • Subscription boxes ~ a couple subscription box locations
  • Published writer ~  links to Medium articles by Dr. Karen Morgan


Dr. Karen Morgan is an experienced physical therapist located in Bellingham, WA. Despite her vast knowledge and insight into pain management, she struggled with shifting her work from PT to instruction and writing. With little social media presence, marketing her writing, retreats, and other resources was challenging.

Website Solution

As a solution, Accent45 built an inviting site that serves as a location to grow the community and update clients about new opportunities. For example, her upcoming book. Creating an Instagram account has also allowed potential customers to read comments and reviews from other readers and patients. There is now a reliable website where you can read her informative blog posts and articles about holistic wellness in the world of physical therapy.

“Thank you so much for your amazing work! Love, love, love!!!

Accent45 designed a beautiful website that matches my expression for my wholistic perspective. It’s clean and visually appealing to my target audience, and I am making updates on my own — no need to contact her for content changes and article posts. Michelle included a pop-up subscription form that appears after about 25 seconds. She takes care of any technical details while making it all seem easy.

This is my second time working with her and I am thrilled, yet again. Highly recommend.”