Fish Friendly Solutions

Website Case Study

Client: Shore Friendly King County

Date: Client since 2021

Info: Fish & Wildlife Friendly Solutions

Features contributed

  • Web hosting ~ secure, dependable website hosting support
  • Website Editor ~ staff can easily make updates add/remove resources
  • Custom elements ~  aesthetically inviting, without feeling overwhelmed


In Washington’s beautiful Puget Sound, the organization Shore Friendly King works with homeowners to protect their shore-front properties and the life that lives beneath them. They achieve this by offering consultations, workshops, and other interventions to help the community learn about the environment around their homes.

The challenges they faced most were a lack of online advertising, specifically a website, and a clearly stated call to action. These issues contributed to the poor user interface, a critical part of connecting with the customer.

Website Solution

Through Accent45, Shore Friendly King discovered efficient solutions to their problems. To correct their initial issue, we designed a vibrant but clean site that offers customers a location to find all of the information they need in one place. Their new website also features photos, videos, and other visuals that help authenticate the organization’s goals, both of which promote longevity and trust. Furthermore, by working as a team and meeting all of their requests, Accent45 was able to train staff using the on-site builder where they can create new call to action items.