Couples Counseling

Website Case Study

Client: Core Values Couples

Date: Client since 2011

Info: Relationships – Hope, Healing, & Growth

Features contributed

  • Conference Registration ~ online sign-up with payment gateway
  • Select a Counselor Form ~ options to choose preferred counselor
  • Relationship Scoring Assessment ~ visitors can take an assessment resulting in a mathematical score based on answers
  • Keap CRM Connection ~ Forms are connected to their CRM


Core Values Counseling believes that healthy relationships are at the core of hope, healing, and growth. Their original website was made by a family member and lacked support for expansion, which was critical during the company’s addition of new team members.

Website Solution

To make the new website more focused and appealing to potential clients, Accent45 shifted its attention toward relationships. As one of our clients, they now receive maintenance in the form of technical assistance, graphics support, courses, and conferences. Core Values Counseling can now trust that their virtual portal can keep up with their growth.

“Michelle has been our web designer and technical assistance for the past several years (12 years – (2020)). She is always dependable, response quickly and finds the best solution possible. We appreciate her work greatly and highly recommend her!”