Safety & Protection

Website Case Study

Client: Safety & Security

Date: Client since 2022

Info:Homeland Security Operations

Features contributed

  • Direct call to action items ~ step by step process
  • Custom, clean icons ~ positive visuals
  • Business cards ~ design to reflect consistency with website


A private security company, Homeland Security Operations is not your average security guard service. This Washington-based company has asked for a high-caliber website to demonstrate its professionalism, experience, and extensive training.

Website Solution

Accent45 supported this by using high-quality visuals such as clean icons, spam filters, and a demonstration of the company’s main services. Furthermore, the benefits of their business are listed for both potential customers and workers.

“Michelle is a highly talented, skilled and experienced web designer, graphic designer, color specialist, and problem solver. She’s also a wonderful person and has given me great advice to promote my business. She’s what I was missing from being able to take it to the next level. I could not be happier with the results of her outstanding work! Thank you, Michelle!”