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Travel Vans

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Treeline Vans is dedicated to converting camper vans into the most efficient and exciting way to travel. While the owners already had full-time jobs, they worked hard to make this business their sole focus. To establish Treeline Vans as a unique shop, we used their specialty, 4-Season durability and not losing luxury, as the main target of their new website. Other features included are specific top-to-bottom options and a straightforward way to begin working with them. With our help, they are able to exemplify their dedication to high-quality vans that keep you safe, on and off the grid.

Features contributed:

  • UI Story guide  ~ information hierarchy ~ priorities organized
  • TikTok Social ~ TikTok icon and link
  • Simple editor ~ update the website on the road while traveling or wherever
  • Van build guide & request form ~ helping the customer nail down their needs

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